Sunday, July 19, 2009

House 2 on the tour

Look at that Clematis! Fantastic! This is the second house on the tour.....
Don't miss the chandelier hanging above the table, I have been looking for one for quite a while for my bedroom, may need to look for one to put outside too! I love this idea. I have one in my back yard that is for candles, but this is an even better idea!
Not sure if this was alive at one time or not.....

This hydrangea is gorgeous!

This is the artists workshop, somehow, the picture I thought I took did not turn out of the inside.
Love the idea of the seashells in the cement.... going to use that idea too!

Notice the size of the leaves! Huge!
Lots of color!

Love this little tricycle too... going to keep my eye out for one, maybe put a basket on the front for flowers?

Next house coming up!

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