Sunday, July 11, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

Above is a picture of our Relay for Life booth this year. Jessica and I had a great time organizing this year, and I think will do it again next year!
We had some great silent auctions and a raffle for a photo or intro flight from the hubby!
The theme this year was an easy one to decorate for... hoping next year will be an easy one too!
Jessica and I did spend the night, it wasn't too bad!
This is Darby and Jessica! Hi girls! *waving*
We wanted to make sure that we walked the banner walk this year! Great job Jessica!
Seeing all the luminaries all lined up is always such an inspiring moment. This is just one block, their were 3 more!
I made 6 for our personal family and friends. Betty Barkemeyer- Scott's grandma- passed away last year.
Gene Biever- Scott's step dad- survivor! Yahoo!!
Gary Farnes- Scott's dad- passed away last year.
Donald Ford- my step dad- longest survivor in Pagosa Springs where he and my mom live! Woot-woot!
My bestie Kari Kowalewski- a two time survivor! Woohoo!
My grandpa William Keisker- passed away many years ago.
I think my favorite though is when it gets dark and ALL the luminaries are lit!
It will be a great day when cancer is no longer, do you support the cause to stamp out cancer? I think we all have someone we know that has had to face this terrible illness and think to ourselves, I'm so glad it's not my son, daughter, mom, dad, husband or ME! Lets do all we can to say goodbye to cancer.

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Anonymous said...

I had to go back and look at this post! I loved that weekend!! It was soooo much fun to "camp" out with you!! :)