Sunday, July 19, 2009

House 4 on the tour

Are you still with me? The best is still to come.... this is house number four. All the houses were bungalows, would love to have one, but can't give up the view, and trees from the house we have now. 
Most of the houses had some type of arbor somewhere to walk through. I will have at least one too, someday! LOL!
This one was a secret garden, you had to walk long this narrow path along the house to get to it!
Oh, there's my handsome hubby and Koko!
And one of little ol' me.

This garden used a lot of vegetables amongst the flowers. Didn't seem to photograph very well.
Sorry about that....
This is the outside of the artists studio, quite a few people inside, so I did not get to snap a photo. This garden is a work in progress, it will be fun to go next year to see what has been done.

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