Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday Harbor with mom and hubby

The hubby flew my mom and I over to Friday Harbor for dinner a couple nights ago, such a gorgeous flight! (WARNING: lots of pictures) Here we go... bye bye Bellingham!
Mom let me sit in the front, I am not a good back seat flyer! Hee!
Always have to document when I fly with the hubby, it doesn't happen that often!
We left later than we had planned, Scott went to the Arlington Fly In and didn't realize they would close the runway 15 minutes prior to the Air Show starting at 3:00 pm and got stuck for 3 hours! Yes, he flew there.
Well, hello Friday Harbor! I've missed you!
Mom and I at dinner. We ate on the deck overlooking the water and marina, watched a couple ferries come in and out!
Such a wonderful place to go! I just LOVE it!
The flight home was just as beautiful!
The fog was rolling in pretty quickly!

The sun was setting...

I told Scott how pretty the sunset had been, so he decided to make it happen again by climbing up above the horizon so I could see it set again! Hehe!

As we watched the sunset the second time a plane called in about a burning sailboat off in International waters... see the black smoke that is the burning sailboat. Luckily it looked like they made it into the life boats safely and their were several helper boats in the area and the coast guard was already on their way.

Hope you had a great evening too!

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