Monday, July 26, 2010

Wine tasting in Walla Walla Washington

I posted about this place once before here, but this weekend we actually got to be tourists in Walla Walla! We went wine tasting one afternoon with Scott's cousin Kathy's daughter and her hubby; Stephanie and Joe, soo much fun! Our first stop L'Ecole No. 41 an old school house!
Not too busy today which was surprising in the 97 degree heat! Too HOT!!!
I kept track of the wines we liked and didn't like.
Next stop was just down the street Waterbrook .
I just want to say here that Scott is our designated driver... he poured most of his wine into my glass, or I just drank from both glasses. Lucky for me Scott doesn't care for wine!
On that same note however, while you are tasting 6-7 different wines at each stop, you may choose to only sip a wine and pour the rest out if it doesn't please your pallet. As you can see the samples are pretty small, but you do have the option to have more or buy a whole glass.
Third stop Three Rivers.

I thought this sign was fun... until I discovered the true meaning!
We had to play 3 holes of golf before our sampling! What!?!
Anyone who knows me knows I AM NOT athletic! On top of that it is 97 degrees!!! I don't like the heat either, I live in the pacific northwest for a reason! But I went along with it... until Joe lost his ball, then I graciously gave him mine! Ha!
She's a pro, and she let me cheat!
He's a pro too, but doesn't admit it! Thanks for losing your ball Joe so I didn't have to embarrass myself anymore! =)
The hubby was amazing! I had no idea he played as well as he did!
Our lineup of samples! We could choose the left side or the right side! Yummy!
We asked about buying glasses also, and they gave us each a glass with our bottle or bottles of wine we purchased, such a great place!
Next on our stops was a surprise winery, we just decided to go in, we had the whole place to ourselves! Skylite Cellars.
Definitely worth it to stop at the smaller wineries, I would highly recommend it!
I felt like I was in Italy again!
We thought we were done for the afternoon since most of the wineries stop serving at 5:00 pm so we headed back to meet everyone for dinner. We drove past Whitman Cellars at 4:50 and decided to turn around and see if we had time to sample... we decided if they said no that would be okay, but we should try! We are soo glad we did! By the way, most of them don't really close right at 5:00 we found out!
Again, we were the only ones in the place and she welcomed us in! She was soo knowledgeable, she really enjoyed her job, she taught us all quite a bit about wines and flavors!
Thank you so much Stephanie and Joe for inviting us to go tasting with you... we missed you Glenda!!! =D maybe next time!



Wine-Beer-Washington said...

Glad to hear that you had so much fun wine tasting in Walla Walla. So many different wineries out there to visit.
Did you get an opportunity to taste the Skylite Malbec? It is one of our favorites!

Laurie said...

If I remember correctly they were sold out of the Skylite Malbec... We did come home with a few bottles of the Syrah! We also came home with a few bottles of the Three Rivers Winery Malbec-Merlot!