Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On our way home from Walla Walla we made several stops... we decided to continue our pretending to be tourists and stop at some of the places we had always said we wanted to stop at and a few of our favorite stops too! My sweet hubby had been wanting to stop at this winery, he was intrigued with the name!
He had me take a picture of him standing in front of the little replica of an airplane.
The wine names are fun bomber girl themes. Their web site is here.
Our next stop is one of our favs! The cheese factory-
for squeeky cheese!
We had a lovely picnic lunch at a park-
while listening to a live Jazz band play up there under that building.
Then we stopped at another fav to check out the antiques and the fresh fruits and veggies.
We came home with a few goodies =) Plums, rainier cherries (my favorite) an orange gingham apron, a juicer-(the hubby had broken my previous one a couple weeks ago)
4- old Kerr jelly jars-what do you think I am going to use those for? Can you guess?
And an old Ball jar!
The other items we came home with were onions. We couldn't leave Walla Walla without a bag of sweets!
And of course our haul from the wineries we visited!!!
Have a sweet week!

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