Sunday, May 9, 2010

Warning, crafting post...

I had forgotten to mention last month that I had received a birthday gift from my friend Teal. She created this picture, isn't it neat?! I LOVE it!
It sits in my favorite room of the house of course :)
I added the green, purple and orange pom poms from the Cinco de Mayo party to my craft room too!
I ordered this YUMMY vintage crinkle ribbon off etsy! Oh my gosh I really really LOVE this stuff! (I can't remember the seller name right now, but will edit later)
I created this little love frame for Teal, Saturday was her Birthday.
I had seen this ribbon technique here I had been dying to try it! So pretty and easy peasy. If you scroll through her blog she has a video showing exactly how easy it is.
The card to go with the frame for Teal. We are taking her to dinner at the Co-op. She has quite a few food allergies and is vegan, the Co-op is the easiest place to eat out! Haha! We love you Teal!
The two together...
More of that YUMMY ribbon. I found this pretty paper to match. Love the little tag with the flower tied with twine. *sigh*
One of my favorite cards I've ever made. I will have a hard time sending this one to anyone, it may get added to my shelves never to be sent out! Hehe!
I also ordered this yummy kit from here well not from there but she has a link to her etsy shop on her blog, which is one of my favorites!
Such cute tags!
I had been thinking of combining the ribbon technique with this ruffle technique that I saw here
I am pretty happy with the results. I will be making more.
Another favorite card. I can't believe the weekend is over, boo! So excited for Thursday when I will see my sweet hubby, 3 kids and Justin (Genna's boyfriend) and bunches of Scott's family! Sad reason to see everyone, Scott's dad's memorial service. It will be nice to see everyone in one spot though ;) he has such a great family!

No new news on Grandma... still in the hospital...

That's it for me... have a great night!

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