Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The beginning of a week of goodbyes

I am back from a long weekend in Billings. It was great to see all the kids and my sweet hubby! Above is Genna, her boyfriend Justin, Scott, Me, Adam and Jestin. We stopped on our way to the memorial service at a park that was named after and dedicated to Scott's grandfather, Barkemeyer Park. I figured it was the perfect place for a few family photos.

I thought it only fitting to snap a picture of Jestin and Scott in front of the sign!
So begins my week of goodbyes... goodbye to my father-in-law Gary, we miss you.

Goodbye to my job of the last 2 years, I will miss the friendships of the people I worked with.

Goodbye to my grandmother. She had a massive heart attack last week, she spent a few days in the hospital, was then moved to a nursing home. She probably will not make it for me to see her when I travel to California again this weekend. I am okay with that, my last visit with her while very stressful was also comforting. She told me she was ready and at the time I thought it would be years before her wish to join her husband and mother would be granted. I thought she would have to leave her home that she loved so much, so that she could be cared for properly. Little did I know that god had a better plan in mind. Since the heart attack my brother and sister have had the opportunity to fly over to spend their last moments with her. She is tired, she is ready to go, but she's waiting... my Uncle has been in Guatemala, he arrives Wednesday, then I think she will join her sweet hubby she hasn't seen in so long.

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