Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch up post!

Scott has been in Miami Florida since May 3 except for meeting the kids and I in Billings. He has really enjoyed his time there. He was able to fly into the Burmuda Triangle, something he has ALWAYS wanted to do. I am so glad he was finally able to do it! Above is a photo he shot while flying in Miami.
I have been visiting my Dad... this is Koko making friends with the chickens, she also made friends with the goats! My grandma passed away last Thursday, so I have just been trying to help where ever I can.
We had her service on Tuesday. I had a chance to see my Uncle Richard, Aunt Lynn and cousin Rachel and her hubby Justin. So nice to see them all especially my sweet cousin, she made me the BEST pumpkin pie with a wheat crust and a sugar substitute. I hope to make one myself this Thanksgiving! Hope it turns out as well as hers!
I've also had the chance to spend a couple nights with Genna and Justin and their 2 kitty's!

Tomorrow I will head back to my dad's for another week before coming over to Genna and Justin's, Genna's surgery was cancelled for this afternoon and rescheduled for June 8. So frustrating for her!
Memorial weekend my brother and sister and the kids are all coming to my dad's house! We have not ALL been with my dad for about 17 years!!! We are all looking forward to it! And the weather should be cooperating! WOOHOO! SUNSHINE in California, so nice. The best part? My hubby will be here too! Can't wait!

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be back with pics next week!

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