Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pink, purple, and white...

Pink, purple and white those are the colors I decided on this year. I may throw a few yellows and red in here and there too. When I saw this hanging basket at Fred Meyer I knew this was my starting point! I have already gotten the thumbs up from the hummers! They have been at the flowers and the feeder all day. They are just too fast for my camera though! LOL!
We received this cute bird feeder for Christmas isn't it adorable! I {heart} it! Such a great idea too!
Is it cruel to entice the birds and squirrels into the yard and then have Koko chase them off? Luckily she is not outside that often =)
Loving this little area too! I think I will invite Andrea over for steaks this week as a thank you for watching Koko for me. We can sit here and sip a little wine while our steaks cook!
Look who found a nice spot to sit... she made herself right at home for at least 20 minutes.

I love using mirrors outside to reflect the yard on a bare wall! I am in search of a few other things I can place on the wall here too. Shhh don't tell the hubby he is not a fan of the nail holes in the exterior of the house.

Mmm lunch time! I think it is a good time to stop and read for a bit!
I'll be back later with my craft projects... if I don't just spend the afternoon reading! Haha! (Great book by the way, thanks Jessica for loaning it to me.)

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