Saturday, May 8, 2010

A beautiful morning in May

Woke up to a beautiful morning here in Bellingham! I love this view from the front window, I have a terrible habit of sitting and looking out the window for too long and wonder where the day has gone! haha!
This morning I took my coffee, laptop and paper and pen outside on the chaise lounge.
I listened to the birds, the little waterfall, watched the sun rise higher and higher in the sky and blogged! What a great morning! While trying to decide what to accomplish today and tomorrow...
I threw ALL the toys Koko could find for her to fetch. I kept a close eye on the bunny nest, but she has them pretty well covered this morning. Last night about 10:00 I spyed her out feeding them, but couldn't get a picture without scaring her away, so I left her alone.
On my list for the weekend is to clean up the back patio...
Plant some flowers in the pots... get the little cabinet sanded for new paint...
Maybe a few new fish for the pond, there are only 2 left from the 4 we put in last year.

I am hoping to finish the laundry (only me so maybe 2 loads) vacuum, dust, scrub the bathroom, paint the kitchen and craft! Guess that means I better get up off this lounge chair and get busy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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