Monday, May 3, 2010

Forgotten Easter egg and baby bunnies...

When the three little kids were here for Easter we hid LOTS of eggs Easter morning. Both real ones and plastic ones! ( Above is Morgan, Matt, Trinity holding Koko, and Colton)
Well, I guess one got left behind, and guess who found it one morning in the back yard! She was NOT going to give up her treasure!
She also found this... look a little closer...
You can just barely make out the bunny ears. We have a bunny nest in the back yard. Unfortunately, she found it and brought one to me. It didn't make it :( she tried to be gentle with it but dropped it a few times before I realized what she had. She also brought one to Scott, since he didn't read my text to not let Koko out in the backyard unless she was supervised due to her having found a bunny nest. His didn't make it either :( But now we know it is there, and Koko is staying away. Mommy bunny comes a few times a day to care for the ones that are left. I plan to try to take pictures once a week to document them growing up! Should be fun!

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