Monday, May 3, 2010

Miami, here he comes!

Sent the hubby off this morning to Miami! I will see him in Billings at the end of next week for his fathers memorial service. He is scheduled to be in Miami until a few days before we leave for Mexico at the end of June! It was kind of strange this morning at 3:40 am telling him goodbye and realizing he won't return back to Bellingham until almost July! Summer time!
I am giving my notice at work this week, I will work until May 21 then will head down to spend some time with Genna and Justin and then my Grandma and dad before heading to Miami for a couple weeks before we go to Mexico! Hoping my mom will come stay with Koko while we are in Mexico, then stay a couple weeks after so we can play! It will be so nice to have the summer to accomplish all the projects rolling around in my head! Crafting, gardening, organizing, painting, decorating, visiting friends and family, camping... this list goes on and on!

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