Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gift set...

I haven't made a gift set for a while, these actually were a gift for Mother's day that I completed earlier this month. I know, I really mean well, just too much going on. I did 3 of each, yes they are the pictures I took while visiting the tulips this year. I figured, if other people can sell theirs why couldn't I use mine as card covers? I really like how they turned out.
I boxed them all up in a clear box I bought at Papertrey Ink, one of my favorite sites. (I would add a link, but still don't know how)

I am really loving those little crochet flowers I bought off etsy.... I am hoping to learn to make my own while recuperating from my surgery on August 5. I have quite the little basket of goodies so far, crochet needle, yarn, 2 books to read, and a few christmas projects to work on. That should keep me busy the first couple days! Guess I better add to it...mmmh?

Have a great day!

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