Monday, November 1, 2010

Finishing up October...

 Wow! Guess I took a little blogging break! Didn't mean too. Okay, well here is what I've been up to! My lovely friend Jessica gave me this cute Halloween goodie last week when we got together for dinner, love the little clothes pin =) Thank you Jessica!
 I added a tulle flower and wrap to my coffee sack pillow...
 I had bought this one at Forever 21 while in San Antonio, I went to Joann and bought some supplies to make a few more.
 So far my pillow is holding up pretty well, I think Andrea will join me sometime this week to make some coffee sack pillows of her own.
 I spent some time down in the crafty studio, it's been windy and cold lately so I put Koko's newest coat on her and she was happy as could be!
 When Andrea and I went to the Ruffles and Rust show a couple weekends ago, I noticed some of these magnet boards. I made a quick trip to Dollar Tree (again, am I the only one who goes to the dollar store and spends OVER $50.00?!?).
 I bought a couple cookie sheets for $1.00 each, used some paper I already had and glued it on using Modge Podge, then put a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top of it as well. I will work on finishing these up today.
 I also had come across this frame when I was going through the things I brought back from my Grandmas house. It was gold, I spray painted it Heirloom White and used my hot glue gun to add some burlap.
Now I have a cute way of displaying my earrings!

I had a touch of food poisoning or the flu over the weekend, just didn't feel the greatest. We did manage to take a look at 4 more houses... still loving the "Laurie" house. We are waiting for the owners to find a new house, the house they had planned on buying was sold to someone else last week. Then we will place another offer on it... soo many decorating ideas swirling through my head! I was hoping to be in before Christmas, but I have a feeling it won't happen. That is okay though, think of all the Christmas decor I can buy on clearance after Christmas to decorate for next year! Haha!

November already! Wow! So much to get done. Here is a few of the things on my list for November...

1. Christmas shopping
2. presents wrapped/mailed out
3. finish Christmas cards/mail out
4. put away outdoor furniture/decor (guess this will get done today with this wind!)
5. finish painting family room
6. build mantle on family room fireplace
7. think about "word of the year" for 2011
8. take down Halloween decor/add a little more Thanksgiving
9. cookie/candy exchange in December? Need to discuss with Jessica!
10. finish mini-books!!! Dang I really need to move this up to #1!

That will do it for today's post! I've got laundry to start and a refrigerator to clean out today. Hope you have a lovely week!

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craftycoffee said...

I love your pillows and tulle flowers! :) I am sorry you had a stomach flu :( I hope you are feeling better