Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Insert witty post title here

 Trying to figure out a post title is usually the hardest part of posting, I obviously couldn't think of one today! Haha! I received the owl in the mail yesterday from my sister, she made it! I LOVE it! SOO cute!
 I managed to put away the lawn furniture yesterday, take down the Halloween and put up a few more Thanksgiving-Fall. I bought this great wooden tote at the Ruffles and Rust show.
 I had planned on putting it in the crafty studio, but decided it needed to hold squash, corn, leaves and berries for a month first.

 The chandelier got a little dressier too =)
 Isn't that owl just the cutest thing?! I took Koko for a walk this morning at Zuanich Park/Marina it was just the most gorgeous day today! Not a cloud in the sky, not even a breeze blowing, perfect! The smell of the sea was salty and perfect too. I hadn't planned on walking at the marina so I did not have my camera with me so no pictures... I know that doesn't happen very often! I had planned on going home after signing some papers but my car drove me to the marina, I'm so glad, it was just what I needed today.

I haven't finished a darn thing in the crafty studio, I have been doing lots of "research". I've got several things on my mind lately, I will share when I get the chance. Nothing new on the house to report either, I just keep dreaming of the decorating haha!

What's for dinner you ask? Yep, my cupboard chalk board is working out really well, the hubby just has to look and he knows what's for dinner!

Thanks for stopping in, have a lovely evening.

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