Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finishing a few projects

 I finally finished a few projects today! The one above I bought the vinyl and canvas over the weekend at the Treasury of Memories open house.
 I spray painted the canvas a beautiful shimmery caramel latte color.
 It turned out gorgeous! I was going to give it as a gift, but I think I am gonna keep it! Haha! Guess I will go back to Treasury and get another one!
 It will look stunning with my new little silver Christmas tree I bought a couple weeks ago for on the mantle. I am working on some new ornaments too =)
 I added rhinestones to help with the sparkle.
 I won't use the metallic paint next time though. As pretty as it is, the vinyl doesn't like to stick to it.
 Christmas is coming along! Haha! Don't worry, I am not decorating for Christmas yet. I enjoy each and every holiday to the fullest!
 Found this awesome ornament for my train loving step dad!
 I finished my coffee sack bulletin board. This will be so pretty in the guest room with some photos and trinkets stuffed here and there.
 This is why it takes me so long to post finished projects! I bounce around things all day! Haha! A little crafting, blog hopping, cleaning, more crafting. I am working on a Christmas present for my niece Jessica's 2 little boys. Can you guess what it is?
 So, I decided I didn't like the other flower so I made this one instead... see I'm bouncing around!
 This is a pillow in the works, it is a stencil painted with black fabric spray on burlap. When I sew it together I am going to add a muslin ruffle.
 This is another canvas project I am working on for Scott's sister for Christmas, with the last of the metallic spray paint.
 This is the spray paint I have been using, it is so pretty.
 Oh, back to the Christmas project for the boys? Know what it is now?
Okay, it kinda looks like a runway, I guess they could use it as that, but it actually is a road. The other felt pieces will be houses. I am working on more road and curved road pieces for the matchbox car play mat. I saw the idea here. (I will have to add the link in a bit, I guess I didn't send it to myself!)

That's it for today's post!

Stay warm, it's cold out there =)

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