Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brrr, baby it's cccollddd outside!

 16. 16 degrees outside as I type this. Bbrrrr! I thought I left these temperatures when I left Nevada! I understand that they are at 0 degrees and are expecting -6 and -13 later in the week, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining! I took the picture above on Friday. Before it snowed! I couldn't resist the white caps on the water.
So what have I been up to?  Umm, NOT packing stuff up! haha! My friend Andrea came over and sewed the coffee sack pillows last week.
 She did an awesome job! The sacks were not the easiest fabric to be working with.
 She brought lattes from SB which was soo sweet of her.
 She is leaving in January... I am going to miss her!  Isn't that pillow Cu-ute?! So Pottery Barn ;)
 I have been trying to finish my Christmas presents for the year. I have made 5 necklaces for special people in my life...
 I can't show ALL of them, but can show you a couple.
 Thank you to my very sweet friend Jessica for teaching me how to make these necklaces, so fun to make. You may remember the purple one she made for me, which is perfect, I love the purple starfish that are in the waters here.
 It snowed Friday night, YUCK!
 We woke up to about 4 inches.
 And clear skies, which means COLD!
 The color of the water is soo blue with the snow and clear blue sky.
 The hubby shoveled Saturday morning.
 Sunset was gorgeous Saturday night. The hubby and I ended up having a HUGE crab dinner. I bought 5 pounds, just a little too much, so we had crab cocktails Sunday night!
 I finished my coffee sack bulletin board, it will be so pretty in the guest bedroom.
 I finished my pillow too! I failed to get a picture of my first batch of fudge for the season, but will take a picture of the next batch.
I went to my first and second Bikram Yoga classes, thanks to my friend Lisa for letting me go with her. I was worried about the heat, but I just breathe through the few moments of panic that occasionally hit me and so far so good! EVERY muscle in my body hurts though!
Today is a pamper day. Getting my hair colored and cut, and a pedicure and my nails done, woohoo! So no yoga, but I will go again tomorrow. This is the sunset from the front window Sunday night, GORGEOUS!
Have a great week, and stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

Good job on the necklaces! They are fabulous! :) I love that Andrea is sewing! :0)