Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random= November 4, 2010

 I paid for 25 Thanksgiving dinners today =)
 I planted some paper whites for the holidays...

 I made some cute little candle holders inspired by Pottery Barn, the glass container came from Dollar Tree.
 Smells so yummy, Cranberry/orange! What's for dinner you ask?
 Meatloaf, garlic mashed POTATOES, green beans...
See? It smells sooo goood! Umm, maybe I should clean out the bottom of my oven, YUCK! I always used to have an oven liner in the bottom of my oven, do you use those? You just throw it away when it gets yucky. Well, I have not been able to find them lately.

Been doing some Christmas shopping! Woohoo!

Christmas chocolate advent calendars- check!
Christmas eve jammies for the family- check!
gifts for 3 nieces on hubby's side of the family- check!
family secret Santa gifts- check!

I've made my list, so I know who I am buying for and ideas as to what I am buying/making for them. Presents I have so far are wrapped! All the makings for my Christmas cards are cut, just need to stamp, glitter and assemble. I haven't decided if I will print off address labels or hand write them this year.

Have a snugly warm evening!

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