Saturday, August 1, 2009

Walk on the beach and buzz

Koko had a great time following ALL the kids around. This is her and my sisters daughter Sydney.
Justin, (Genna's boyfriend) and my son Adam.
The hubby making a low approach past us with BIL Matt flying, and SIL Kim and niece Kourtney in the back. I had grounded the hubby to NO flying unless it was family from Friday night until after my surgery on Wednesday, um he got off work at 5:00 pm and this is taken about 7:30 pm. He didn't have to wait too long did he?! 
The kids all putting their name on the sand wall.

A quick photo shoot of me, my brother Randy, sis Becky and step brother Chris. Yes, I am a little overdressed, I had  a decision to make when I got off work, change clothes or meet Genna and Becky at the scrapbook store. Haha! You know which one won!
My handsome son Adam. I'm so happy he and his sister are here. Jestin did not make it unfortunately. :(
Genna and Justin. I am so glad she brought Justin with her. I like him, she can keep him! ;)

The fantastic sunset from the patio at the house, wish you were here to see it in person! I've planned lots for Saturday, so I'll be back with more pics later! See you then!

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