Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alaska Ferry boarding

Last night mom and I decided to go down to the ferry terminal in Fairhaven to watch the Alaska Ferry board.
It is amazing how many semi trucks, u haul trucks, cars, motorcycles and walk on passengers fit on that boat! It departs every Friday night at 6:00 pm  and returns Friday mornings at 8:00 am. It would take us to Skagway and back.
We decided we would like to do this someday. Maybe next summer? See the tents on the top, we want to stay in a tent, sleeping bag, bring an ice chest, and just go for a week. Doesn't that sound fun? We think so!
The funny thing is.... it would cost more to do this, than it would to be on a cruise, with a stateroom, and all the food and beverages included! Which would you choose?
We still think we choose this.... crazy I know. Wanna go? We'll share our tent!

Trying to decide how to spend the rest of my day!

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