Sunday, August 23, 2009

Turnner, and Ikea in one day= a great day!

This is my sweet friend Sara and her new cutie patootie Turnner! They just moved to a new house south of here, outside of Seattle. I posted her baby shower pictures in May. It was a great day for a drive! She has a great house on 2 acres. Lots of fruit trees, and blackberries. Very park like setting, with birds chirping and very quiet neighborhood. After the tour of her new house and yard, she fixed a fabulous lunch on her patio. We had chicken pitas, and grapes. I am going to try making the pitas again, I think Scott would love them.
I took her the projects I had been working on for her and Turnner. Above is a cute frame idea from the LSS. I picked up quite a few of these, I posted one I did for Genna in July.
I also made this name frame for him and blanket. I will post pictures of his nursery in a separate post. After picking some apples from the apple trees at Sara's house, I made my way to my next destination. :)
Yep, IKEA! I {heart} IKEA! I had checked out the catalog I had and the web site, so I did have a list I knew I wanted to get and a few things I wanted to check out quality on before deciding.
I managed to get everything on my list.... and a few extras! wink! Okay, there are a few more things in the trunk too! But not much more.... just some curtains.... oh, maybe a few candles.... and some jars, but that's it! I'll be back IKEA! I have ideas for more of your wonderful products!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow Scott and I celebrate our anniversary! I think Starbucks is in order don't you? haha... I {heart} Starbucks too!

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