Saturday, June 26, 2010

Relay for Life plant sale

We have a sweet friend that just had her second child so we headed down to Oak Harbor to see the new baby and visit!
I made a little card and attached it to the diaper bag with one of my paper flower clothespins =) Congratulations Amanda!
Today I had the opportunity to go to the Relay for Life plant sale! A co-worker from MBI where I "retired" from has 5 acres of pure plant bliss!
We got to wander through acres of flowers and dig up what we wanted or just buy some pots that she and her hubby had already dug up!
Oh HI Jessica! *waving and jumping up and down* nice to see you!
I shopped with this plant bed in mind, I just recently had weeded it out and planted a Bleeding Heart and the two Coreopsis, I bought a Clematis to climb up the tree, should be soo pretty, a couple grasses, a few Iris (love the variegated) and a couple Hostas. I need to add a little mulch and I think this area is done till next year!

Bought this basket of pretty variegated foliage and white flowers.
Also bought this pretty basket of succulents and others interesting plants.
Lastly I bought a grass and some ground cover to plant by the pond. What is that in the pond?!? Look a little closer...
A snake!!! It spent ALL day in the pond. I haven't had a snake IN the pond before, I am still trying to research what kind it is... any ideas?

Hope you had a chance to enjoy the outdoors today! I picked up my mom from the airport tonight! She is going to stay with Miss Koko while we head to Mexico! Thanks Mom :0)

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