Friday, June 25, 2010

Laundry Room organization part two

Remember a while back I told you how easily I get distracted from one project to another... well while organizing my laundry "room" I started pulling some of the linens out of this upstairs linen closet to put in my new organized space...
Ummm, it's not quite done because....
the hubby was outside with this! Yummy! I know I am not supposed to eat that stuff, but every once in a while it won't hurt!
You can't beat a fire in the front yard with the hubby, Koko and smores! *Sigh*
Wish you were here so you could have one too!
And then I started to do this project in the middle of the other uhh two! Please tell me I am NOT the only one to do these things! Heehee!
The laundry room is now organized and I LOVE it! I had to make a few little tags to label my boxes.
I didn't like the look of the water knobs for the washer so I covered them...
Added a few favorite things, found the cute sign at TJ Maxx for $7.00! It is embroidered!
The embroidered bag and the picture came from my grandmas house.
I love the poem! =)
I needed a cute spot to hide the fabric sheets etc... so I used a basket and labeled it as well.
The hubby will not let me cover the water heater...
so I will just say this is the finished project!
The boxes were on sale at IKEA for $5.99 for 2 while they are not my first choice they were affordable.
Now I am off to finish the other 2 projects and spend some time in my craft room! Have a great day!

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