Sunday, June 13, 2010

Date with hubby to Friday Harbor

Scott came home from work early today! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so he suggested we fly to Friday Harbor for an early dinner *grin* (the photo above is Bellingham)
The flight was beautiful! A little bouncy, but luckily it is a short flight!
We both marveled at our being so lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the world!
Ahhh, Friday Harbor.... if you have never been, you must! It is such a quaint little town, I would so LOVE to live here! Hmmm, Bed and Breakfast maybe??? Or sailboat???
I have such a fascination with the ferry's I really enjoy watching them come in and go out. I think I may ask my mama if she would like to try to go next year to Alaska on the ferry.
My handsome pilot and date =D I am so lucky!
We sat outside and ate our dinner, watched 2 ferry's come in and go out, watched numerous seaplanes land and take off. I had the best fish tacos, Scott had prime rib. As we were sitting enjoying the sites we overheard one table of diners talking to another table about their flight over... they had both flown over for dinner as well, but from Port Angeles! hehe! Guess we weren't the only ones to enjoy the beauty of the day!
The flight home was smooth as glass! I end up taking so many pictures when I am in the air! The flight itself is maybe 15 minutes each way, I took 84 pictures! LOL! I do take the pictures through the window, so their is a little glare usually, sorry.
Mt. Baker behind Bellingham...
Back home again! We did take a look at an airplane while we were in Friday Harbor, if I had a nickel for every airplane my hubby looks to buy I would be a very wealthy woman! LOL! We shall see... hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

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