Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daffodils 2010

My friend Andrea and I decided to head down to Mt. Vernon and check out the daffodils, do a little shopping in LaConnor and have lunch! This is one of the first fields we found in bloom! It was a perfect day to view the daffodils! :) But we discovered the daffodil fields do not welcome visitors like the tulip fields do.
We were greeted with no trespassing signs everywhere we went!!! :( We were not the only ones trying to walk through the daffodil fields. (That is Mt. Baker in the background)
So pretty!
After trying to walk through several fields and only being met with no trespassing we headed to LaConnor for shopping. I needed to pick up Genna's birthday present... We of course had to have lunch on the water! :)
LaConnor is just beginning to spruce things up for the crowds of the Tulip Festival. It is starting 6 days early this year because of the warm weather we've been experiencing! Woohoo!

These guys kept talking to us as we were eating our lunch, they seemed to quiet down once I snapped their picture! Haha!
Rhodies and Azaleas are blooming all over Bellingham too! These were in LaConnor. Love them!
This was some funky car parked downtown LaConnor. Those are shoes attached to the top!
One last field before heading home! This is Andrea, she works with me at MBI and is also my furbaby sitter and house sitter :) Thanks for going with me girl!
Trespassing sign??? Oh, I guess we didn't see it??? Hehehe! So worth it! Wish you were here!
Koko did not get to stroll through the daffodils, she had to sit in the car while we "broke the law" and trespassed for the pics above.

I'll be back later with some pics of my trip to Salt Lake City!

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