Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring, Heart Stones, and Easter

Scott and I spent a couple hours doing yard work, such a nice feeling (I think anyway, Scott not so much! Hehe!)
I was able to plant some flowers near the front door.
Makes me so ready for warm weather and gardening!

Scott's sister Jodi sent this book and the rocks back with him when she saw him in Boston. LOVE it! Can't wait to look for my own Heart Stones!
Any one who knows me, knows I LOVE hearts!
This one has sparkles!
I decided to add a basket picture on the mantle, I think it helps the balance a little better.
Scott and I also drove to Birch Bay to the C shop for chocolate bunnies! Yummy!
I am sending a goodie to each of our kids...
Had to have a goodie for each of my niece and nephews that are coming to visit Friday!

Scott had one while we were at the C shop, but he wanted one for Easter too! Hehe!
And I couldn't forget my friends at work!
I decided to make some special m&m treats for my friend Jessica for Easter, I made another 30 total, these are the 8 for her using my bird punch. The rest are for us to sell for Relay for Life.
Koko was feeling very neglected! :)

Had a great weekend! Accomplished A TON! And SO HAPPY to have Scott home! Sounds like he will be here until after Easter! Yay!

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