Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrap paper organization and Easter goodies

I am really loving my new system for scraps of paper! I sorted through the 3 isis cart drawers full of scrap paper I had and threw away (yes honey, threw away) anything smaller than 3 inches by 3 inches. Sorted them all by color then placed each color in large ziplock bags. Then labeled file folders with the color and stuck them in a pretty basket that sits near my feet at my desk.
Now when I need a scrap I just go to that color and look through the ziplock bag to see if I have something that will work! Easy peasy! And having it at my feet makes it easier than having to stand up and walk over to all my full sheets of paper, so I always check the scraps first! Infact, I used scraps to make the Easter Relay for life goodies!
I think they turned put pretty cute, and I used up some scraps :)
I found the chick stickers at Michael's and used a Happy Easter stamp that I already had. I kept them really simple, no ribbon this time, but just as cute!
These were made with stickers I found at Dollar Tree! Love the glittery pop they have!
Hope you had a great weekend! I am missing my hubby and am soo ready for him to come home for a few days! Koko is too!

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