Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shelves in the studio

The hubby finally helped me put the shelves up in the studio. I love the look of them, I still have some "fluffing" to do to them, but am loving the extra room to display some of my favorite things.
Originally I had planned on buying another of the cube shelves, but when I moved the guest room around I ended up with an extra little cupboard. I think I like it! I just need to paint it white to match the others. Plus it will hide some of my "stuff".
As you can see, the top shelf still needs to be "fluffed"! LOL!
I made the canvas over the weekend! The hubby leaves tomorrow morning, I will take him to the airport at 3:30 am. Not sure at this time when he will be back... hopefully soon :( I will miss him!
I love you babe... be safe, and hurry home! Oh and don't forget to bring me something back! :)

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