Sunday, March 7, 2010

A day of crafting...

After yesterdays sunshine and warm temps, this morning we woke up to grey skies and sprinkles! So glad we saw the daffodils yesterday :) But the grey day made it easier to just craft ALL day!
When I was in Salt Lake City my sister took me to a quilting shop... I LOVE fabric! Anyway, I had seen these and wanted to make a few for myself and for gifts!
What do you think? Can you figure out who some of these may be for??? Hmm, mushrooms??Flowers???
I am going to add some of these Urban flowers on a few of them, and maybe a few buttons too! :)
I also picked a few fabrics to make some of these fabric flowers for cards, and also to put on some clothes pins.
I made 9 of these cards. So easy, found the idea here.
A close up of each style, I used a 12x12 sheet of decorator paper, so I have 3 of each style.
I will be making a few more of these with a couple other sheets of DP that I found.
This one is my favorite!
I got to use my new punch to make these cards, I made 3 of each style of these.
Sponged the edges like I saw my sister do when I was visiting. We got to spend a couple hours in her craft studio using her Bind-it-All. I have decided I need one! Haha!

I am not sure I have enough buttons! What do you think??? Hehe, I just got a new order of them, I bought the little antique sherbet dishes when we were in LaConnor yesterday. What was I thinking to only buy 3??? I see another trip soon!
I guess thats what happens when I try not to buy anything for myself! I think they had a set of 12.
This is where Koko spent the day...
I had to put the blanket there, otherwise she wanted to lay in my lap!
But the blanket was in front of this... which made her a happy puppy! :)

The hubby has been gone 2 weeks tomorrow :( I think the longest we have ever been apart. I am hoping to see his sweet face around March 16-18??? Otherwise I will head down to Miami to see him, Boston is too cold! Love and miss you honey :)

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend too!

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Becky said...

Such cute things! I think I will have to make some of those cute bird cards! And I may have to go back to Broadbents and get some of those fat quarters, they are soo cute!