Sunday, March 28, 2010

My hubby is finally HOME!

Scott is finally home after almost 5 weeks in Boston! He wasted no time wanting to fly! So I tagged along, it was a little hazy out, but gorgeous as usual!
I just love the color of the water. ( Click the images to enlarge)
All the little islands and boats below.

We headed to the famous Spruce Goose restaurant at Port Townsend. I have heard about this place but had never been before. It was delish! I hope to go again soon :)
Then off we went back over all the islands towards home.
We flew over Deception Pass...
Off in the distance you can see shades of yellow, that would be the daffodils. Scott offered to fly me over them and the tulips that are in bloom, but we were experiencing some turbulence. I just wanted down about that time!

It was a great day! Luckily the turbulence didn't last too long.

We will be heading to the tulip fields next weekend when my dad is here and Easter, can't wait!

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