Sunday, January 3, 2010

New craft studio! :)

Yes, I finally decided to make the guest bedroom my new craft studio! :) I loved having a guest bedroom ready for anytime someone came to visit. But we don't have guests very often, and I really needed more space to spread out. This is the view from the hallway looking through the door.
Welcome... come on in! This is looking to the right as you walk through the door. This cabinet is new, bought it this morning... it holds my sewing machine, Cuttlebug and folders, projects I am working on, acrylic blocks. I am still organizing, I will post pictures of the little details later.
ETA you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, and most of the picture frames do not have family pictures in them yet :)
This table holds my inspiration station, cutter, and Clip It Up.

My wonderful desk my sweet and talented hubby MADE for me. Can I offer you some water? Chocolate? Nuts?
I am not completely done yet, but thought I would post a few pics. I need to buy a few white shelves for the wall on the right of my desk. The big green baskets will go in the closet, I need to buy 8 more white photo boxes to go on top of the others. I haven't decided whether I want to put the rain gutter back up for my ribbon or not, so it is leaning in the corner. I will have Scott change out the ceiling light in here with the IKEA chandelier I bought over the summer =D

I still need to paint the awesome 12x12 paper holder my friend Jim made for me. I will paint it white. The plastic drawer cart will be going away. My new CRICUT will be here Tuesday... I am purchasing another one of the cube cases that will go in the spot where the plastic cart is. My Cricut will go on top of it and a few more white shelves will go above to hold the cartridges and accessories. I am needing to make a trip to IKEA next weekend for a couple of the wire curtain holders? I hope you know what I am talking about? I am not sure the correct name for them. I have only seen them at IKEA for about $5.00. I am going to hang cards, projects or scrapbook pages from them using clothes pins close to the ceiling above the window and closet.

I moved all my large punches to behind the door... I really liked the way I used to store them, on curtain rods on the wall, but I am getting too many, so I am trying this instead. I will put all the smaller ones in the empty pockets, just ran out of time this weekend :)

Remember the double desk I bought at the antique fair I went to this summer? Now I can have a friend over to craft with me :) It fits perfectly, I LOVE it!

A few of my favorite things...^^^

Thanks for visiting, come back when you can stay awhile and craft with me!

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Becky said...

Looks GREAT! I want to come craft with you!