Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Cricut arrived and a craft brunch with the girls?

I finished the projects that we are going to make for my first craft brunch I am holding with the girls from work. We are going to make a little calendar for their desks, and a birthday calendar. They will get to choose different papers and embellishments, or bring their own! We were going to do it January 16, but I scheduled a photo shoot for the hubby and I so we may change the brunch to the following weekend.
My Cricut arrived on Tuesday! I am so glad I made this purchase! I am loving the things I can make with this toy. It cuts paper, vinyl, fabric and felt.
Scott snapped a picture of me while I was trying to put it ALL together! It is a good thing I have such a helpful hubby, I would not have gotten it put together without his help! LOL!

Hope you had a great weekend! We have been enjoying 60 degree weather!

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