Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pick your own Hazelnuts

The hubby and I went and picked Hazelnuts this afternoon.
I thought we would be picking them from here.... the trees, which are short, so I thought it would be easy!
Actually, it's even easier, you pick them from here.... yes, the ground!
I was hoping to get 10 pounds...

Which is exactly what we managed to get 10 pounds at .80 cents a pound. I guess now we get to cure them.
Then after some dinner in Lynden, we headed to Best Buy, I was having issues with the internet ordering my new blackberry, so we thought we would just go pick one up instead. Well, we ended up with 2 new phones instead. Mine is Maroon.

Scott's is blue. Now we can text each other, download music, and use the internet, all by our phones.
Tomorrow, we are headed to Mt. Vernon to the swap meet/antique show. And maybe to the golf course down the street in the afternoon to hit some balls. Scott has decided to look into golf. LOL!

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