Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greek Festival 2009

Scott and I spent the evening at the Greek Festival. It is so fun to go each year and people watch, try new foods, listen to the music.
Their seems to always be a group of people who need to get up and dance, I have to admit, I came pretty close this year to wanting to do the same!
This year Scott had the lamb dinner, I of course had the gyro. I love them! I did not take a picture of our dinner, I didn't want to embarrass the hubby! But I did take a picture of our desserts and coffee. Above is Scott's baklava.
This year I had the Loukoumades, yummy honey donuts with cinnamon. We had not had the coffee before either and it was delish!
Everyone waited for the sun to set.....

And the professional dancing began! This group came down from Vancouver BC to dance.
It was a great evening! Can't wait for next year... we plan on taking a tour of the chapel!

What did you spend your evening doing?

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