Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drying fruit and welcoming fall

Scott is back from a few days in Kelowna BC. Koko and I missed him. He started his new job on Tuesday, but I drove him up to Vancouver Monday afternoon to stay the night in a hotel. We had a wonderful dinner there in the hotel before I drove back across the border. He took the shuttle yesterday from Vancouver to Bellingham and I picked him up when I got off work. It made for an easy relaxing trip for him. I think he needed it to be easy. Today he is instructing a couple students, and I am welcoming a bit of fall to the house! Yay! I love each season as it arrives!
The front porch just needs a few pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, some corn stalks, and a couple more mums and it will be ready to greet Scott's sis and brother in law this week. We are so looking forward to their visit and being able to show them our wonderful area!
I am also drying fruit. Some nectarines.....
Yummy plums we brought home from Scott's aunts house in Walla Walla......
And some apples! Can't wait for our first visit of the year to Bellwood Acres for fresh apple cider, apple donuts, and many other goodies, soo fall. Love fall in the Pacific Northwest! :D

This afternoon we are headed to the Greek festival! Yummy Gyros and Baklava for dinner. We are hoping to head up to Mt. Baker with a picnic lunch tomorrow, we haven't been this year and the weather is clear and fabulous.

Are you preparing for fall too?

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