Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine mini book 2010

We don't really do a whole lot for Valentines Day, we just like to keep it simple.

I started out my gift for Scott with the left over pictures from our mini photo shoot, some black and cream paper, and some doodads of hearts, ribbons and embellishments. I knew I wanted something he would be able to take with him on his travels. (He recently started a new job that will require him to travel quite a bit)
I decided to make a mini book, that would fit in a small tin. I started by decorating the tin first.
I created an accordion book with black card stock, then used the black and cream DP to decorate each of the "pages".
I used the computer to create some lined tags to write my thoughts on, and printed it out on cream cardstock.
I used the embellishments, hearts, and ribbon to decorate the pages.
The accordion book fits nicely in the tin, and won't get damaged while traveling. He can then take it out when he gets to his hotel room and keep it on his night stand as a reminder of home. =) I then made a card using a picture that was taken of the two of us at my company holiday party a couple weeks ago. I used a clear sticker, and an adorable crochet heart my friend Jessica made for me! I LOVE them! (Thanks Jessica!)
Above is a closeup of the sticker and heart on the card. Love the closeups my new camera is able to take! =)
Above is a closeup of the little heart lovelies that Jessica crocheted for me! =D
Scott brought me flowers, aren't they pretty? I think the roses are called Fire and Ice?! So pretty!

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