Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turnner visit, Christmas tags, projects...

We had a surprise visit from Turnner and his mama last week! It was so good to see them! Isn't Turnner a cutie??

I have been finishing up Christmas projects, and a couple projects for our home too!!! :) I am very happy with how this turned out!

This is how it looks in the entry way. I really miss Treasury, Michael's and JoAnne just don't cut it.

This is a set of cards I finished up for my mama! She used all her last ones, and asked for more. I will send them out with their Christmas present.

All of these items will be made into my Christmas tags this year. I think my theme is brown and red!
We have been having our normal high winds since a couple days before November! Can't wait till December gets here and the winds stop! I am so excited to see the kids in 10 days!!! Can't wait!
Hope you had a NOT windy weekend!

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