Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snowman ornaments, wind and good news

November in the Pacific Northwest brings winds.... I am not a fan of the wind. Living in the tall pine trees and cedar trees, the wind can be noisy! And I admit, I do worry about the occasional tree falling on the house, while we sleep. Above is a picture of the patio after the last wind storm.
I have been busy making Christmas presents that I of course, cannot load here since most of the recipients read my blog, so I thought I would show a project a did a couple years ago, before I had a blog.
These little snowmen ornaments were so fun to make, I made 3 dozen. They are made using the clear ornaments from Michael's, white acrylic paint, infant socks from Walmart (a set of 3 pair for $4.99), small buttons for the nose from Michaels, a black sharpie marker for the eyes and mouth and pink acrylic paint for the cheeks and some glitter, ribbon and small jingle bells.
Remove the top off the ornament and fill with some of the white acrylic paint, move the ball around until it is completely covered with paint inside then set aside to dry, (overnight is best). Put the top back on and decorate! For the hat I just cut the toe end to make it fringe and then slip it onto the ball, with a little glue or double sided tape!
It was fun to see each of their little faces appear! Each one was so different!
I am getting really excited to see our kids in a few days! Today I am going to finish wrapping ALL their gifts and start the packing process. Can't wait to start decorating for Christmas as soon as we get back too ;D
Had the best news a few days ago, my LSS, Treasury of Memories that closed down a month ago, has started selling custom orders and kits! They are now set up in a warehouse style facility, which makes me SO HAPPY! I ordered ALL this and put them all together a couple nights ago! I have a few more things I've ordered too!

Hope you had a great week! And a fabulous weekend!

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