Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween treats and another housewarming gift!

I made a few Halloween treats for my co-workers. I bought the jars at IKEA, they are the same jars I keep ALL my buttons in. I bought the vinyl at Treasury before they closed (I miss that store so much! :( ) Added some googlie eyes, ribbon and candy.
Stamped and added some paper to the lid, with ribbon and added a tag.
I LOVE them, my co-workers did too! :D
This is the photo board I did for my friend Rimplejit. She moved into a new apartment, her home is all red and brown. I gave her some of my favorite tea, a dish towel, a candle and some chicken and sweet potatoes, in hope that she will share when she cooks it up into chicken and sweet potato curry! She is still waiting for her hubby to come to the states from India! She is going to visit him for Thanksgiving, she is hoping to bring him home with her! fingers crossed for her!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Enjoy the extra hour today!

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