Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chocolate covered cherries, yum!

When I found out my BFF Kari was coming to visit me, I thought, hmm, wonder if she would teach me to make her chocolate covered cherries??? So when she graciously asked if I needed her to bring me anything, I asked if she was willing to share her recipe and teach me to make them. I am not a fan of chocolate covered cherries, but these are yummo! :)
We went out first thing Sunday morning to get the ingredients! Maraschino cherries at Costco, a stick of butter, 2 pounds plus powdered sugar, and a can of sweetened condensed milk.

We flattened out the dough and wrapped it around a maraschino cherry, then put them in the freezer while I cooked Chicken Fettuccine, yummy!
We melted the chocolate, I used half dark and milk, I like the combination of the two.

Then dipped the frozen wrapped cherries into the chocolate making sure to cover the entire cherry to the stem so they would not leak!

They are suppose to sit for a week before eating, the hubby couldn't wait that long! He he! He loved them! In fact we made 2 pans and one is gone already.

Thank you so much Kari for teaching me to make these yummy sugary morsels! My hubby thanks you too!

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