Saturday, June 27, 2009

The last of Sara's scrapbook

This is the last of the pages in Sara's scrapbook.
She sent me a couple pictures of Turnner.
He is a pretty baby.
I am working on a name frame for his room.
And a baby blanket.
I offered to make the birth announcements also, but I haven't heard back on if that is something she is interested in.
Hubby had students most of the day, Koko and I rearranged furniture and cleaned today. Tomorrow will be a play day! I am putting some finishing touches on a couple gifts that needed to go out in MAY! I know, I am extremely late! I mean well. After these gifts go out though I will be caught up and hopefully will stay that way, guess I better start Christmas now! LOL! :D
Mmmm, might not be a bad idea! ;0

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