Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finally! :) First Camping trip in the Pacific Northwest

We finally took our first camping trip since moving to Bellingham. I know, pretty unbelieveable it took so long! There is just so much to see here, that it wasn't a priority. The fact that we haven't camped in a tent for about 7 years added to it too! LOL! But, we pulled out the tent and sleeping bags, and all the other gear this weekend and it was all just as we had left it.

We drove south to SedroWooley and headed to Baker Lake, about an hour from our house. 

We are planning on going back again soon, the view of Mt. Baker will be gorgeous when it is clear.

Scott did some fishing. 
The wildflowers were fantastic, they were everywhere, yellows, pinks, whites, purples.
And please notice.... no blue tarp camping for us! :D Although I must confess, we did have ours with us, just in case. LOL!!!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

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