Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coffee, bagels, beach and yard sales!

This morning we had no regular coffee in the house, oops, I thought maybe I could have some nice flavored coffee for a change, but the hubby said  "no way"! So I had a backup plan! :) Coffee and bagels on the beach! And some yard sales since we are out and about so early!
So after a stop at The Bagelry for coffee and bagels to go, we headed for Squalicum Beach. Yes, the sun has decided to leave us for a couple days, but that is okay with us! 

These are my finds  for the morning. I spent $12.00. It would have been less, but one of the sales was for charity, so I doubled what they quoted me.

Most of these pieces are going to be refurbished. Hubby has gone to play with his friends in the woods, Koko and I are headed to Lowes to finish refurbishing our goodies. I'll be back soon with the results.

Have a FUN day!

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