Saturday, May 9, 2009

LaConnor for lunch

We headed to one of our favorite towns for lunch, LaConnor. Of course we had to eat at the Waterfront Cafe. Next time we will try to eat somewhere different, (lots of fun looking ones to choose from) but the Waterfront is sooo good and the clam chowder is the BEST and the view is great too!

Doesn't that look good? I don't usually like clam chowder, so far only two places I have found I will order it, here and Skylarks in Fairhaven! mmmmm good! :p The Alaskan Amber goes nicely with the chowder too.
How about this view? No seaplanes today.... but still beautiful!
Then we took a walk around town and I found this house for sale. Doesn't it say Welcome. I would love it.

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend!

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