Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Sailing Lesson!

This was the view from the living room window when we woke up this morning! WOOHOO! Gorgeous day for sailing!
We drove to Fairhaven, to the Community Boating Center.....
This is us on the water! We learned so much, and I think we could probably manage a small boat ourselves now. We are considering taking a more in depth class next month.

The boat we learned in was a 14 footer. It was perfect for learning! We spent 3 hours on the water. It was beautiful..... I didn't take many pictures, I was learning to Jibe, and Tack ;) Our instructor's name is Sam and he did a great job. I am not the most mechanical minded girl there is, but I understood alot of what he was teaching. He pretty much had us do it all.
When we were done, we picked up Koko, and dinner and headed to one of our favorite places, the Marina!!! Zuanich Point more or less.
I hadn't had enough of boats yet, and I really wanted to spend some time drooling a little!
We walked all the way around the marina, but did not find a sailboat perfect for us.

Scott even let me drive him with the top down today, it was 77 degrees, then he washed my car for me, he's such a nice guy!

Hope your weekend was fabulous too!

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