Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventures in Vancouver BC

We crossed the Peace Arch border with less than 5 minutes of wait time and minimal questions, Canada to me has ALWAYS seemed so clean. (Just a warning, picture overload)
We saw lots of these flower stands throughout the city, I guess it's no different than in the grocery store, it just is so beautiful when it is outside, on a corner!
After we checked in with JJ at Barclay House he handed us a map and sent us on our way to "follow the light" or dinner. Ha! He recommended 2 places by name, so we immediately took his suggestion and headed toward the light and Milestones. We had already driven through Stanley Park a few years ago, so we thought we would head directly there.
Uhmmm, honey, we don't want to cross the Lions Gate Bridge.... we wanted to turn left back there!

So we got turned around using a few illegal maneuvers, and headed back over the Lions Gate Bridge. Then the traffic came to an immediate HALT! Do you see the 2 geese up on the right? In the bike lane? Yes, they proceeded to cross the road as slowly as possible. We had to joke that had that been a person, the cars would have continued, but 2 geese, they stop until they cross the road! Ha ha!! Sad I know.

There's the light, that is where we need to go!

We double checked the map a second time, see honey we were at the smiley face and want to head to where is says Milestones.
We tried to find parking so we could take some pictures of these statues, but couldn't find any. :( I'm glad I snapped this picture as we drove by. And drove by Milestones across the street.
Unfortunately, we could not find parking anywhere near Milestones, so we headed to where the seaplanes were landing, and JJ's second recommendation Carderos. Fortunately, it was jam packed so we knew it was gonna be good!!! Boy was it! Then we went for a long stroll along the water. (I did not take pictures of my food, or the inside of Carderos, it embarrasses the hubby)
Sorry, I can't help myself when it comes to flowers!
Scott wanted to go sit with these guys on the grass! Ha!
The plaque said that it represented the first summit but the positions had no significance to anything other than artist interpretation?
Scott wanted me to snap this picture, do you see them?
Yep, that's them, the house boats. He has a fascination with them. I will just let you look at the next few pics, I think they are self explanatory.

This is Scott patiently waiting for me to finish snapping pics of the room so he can relax and get comfortable.
The fire place was electric, but still kept us toasty warm! See you in the morning!
We headed up to breakfast and were greeted with coffee, orange juice and fresh fruit!
Second course was a pancake. It was yummo!
Third course was a smoked salmon eggs benedict. It was delicious, the hubby, not a fan.
This is us enjoying our breakfast.

All done with breakfast, need to take a picture of the camellia, then we are outta here!
I'm a sucker for a flower :)
Before heading home we decided to take a drive around Stanley park. And take a walk on the beach.
We had a 70 minute wait at the border...
Ahh, home sweet home!
I'm thinking Key Lime for the kitchen, what do you think?


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