Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tulips 2010! Yay!

It is tulip time!!! :) My FAVORITE time of the year!
My dad came to visit, it is his first visit to Bellingham! It is so nice to have him, my step mom and my nephews Matt and Colton and niece Morgan all here! I LOVE showing off this wonderful place we live!
I love how they ALWAYS plant the tulips where there is a barn in the background :) They have to move the fields every year and do not replant in a field for 5 years.
So each year we go, is different! It is always cold too:( But SOOO worth it! (Miss you mom! Next year?!?)

Just beautiful! I may try to talk my honey into going again before the end of the month! Haha! Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! Have a HAPPY EASTER!

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