Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barclay House B&B Vancouver BC

the front of Barclay House B&B

Friday Scott and I decided to spend Saturday night in Vancouver BC. We had a received a gift certificate to Barclay House B&B for our birthdays last year, and had not had the chance to use it. So I gave them a call and they had availability and said to come on up! My friend Andrea who watches the house and Koko for us happened to be available too! So after our spring photo shoot, and having lunch in Burlington with friends Amanda, Jeremy and their sweet son Danny, we headed North!
I had chosen to stay in the Garden Suite because it had a fireplace in it, the evenings are still pretty chilly! I'm soo glad I did! After a couple hours of walking around the water, I was needing the warmth from that fireplace!
This is the front door to our suite, it had a private entrance which is always nice. :)
This is our room. The proprietor, JJ was very sweet and offered to show us another room that was available also, the Forest Room. It had a King size bed, a large tub and a sitting area as well, it was gorgeous, but we really are used to a Queen size bed, and having the fireplace and the private entrance was perfect! The colors of this room are really different for me, but I truly LOVE it.
This is our sitting room. The yellow, with the red, and lime green is so refreshing! (the pictures were taken at night so they are making the room appear darker than they are)
This is our bathroom, I fell in love with the lime green walls and immediately upon returning to the states stopped at Home Depot to pick up paint swatches for lime green walls in the kitchen. I think it will make the kitchen cabinets pop! I actually got the okay from Scott too which is surprising!
The view from the window in the bedroom, just makes you want to take your coffee out to the garden and sit.
Unfortunately, we didn't have time for that. I did take a picture of the Camellia bush though.

This is the entry way, the blankets are for sitting out on the big porch out front.
This is the main sitting room of the house, I love the monogram pillow.
The view from the window in the sitting room.
One of the paintings in the house that reminded me of Scott's mom.

The fireplace in the main sitting room of the house.

We had a wonderful time, and would recommend to anyone headed to Vancouver to give Barclay House a call here is a link to their web site. Check it out for more pictures of the rooms, and history of the house too! And a HUGE {HUG} and THANKS to Jeanne and Gene for the wonderful gift!

I will be back with more pictures of our trip, hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

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