Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stoney Ridge Farm

Today Scott and I went to Stoney Ridge Farm. This was our first visit, in the past we have gone to a smaller farm for cider, apples and fall decor.
What I loved about Stoney Ridge is eye candy every where! Like the pic above, look at the eye candy in that picture! LOL! I love the truck and all the gourds and pumpkins, soo cute. But the guy in the picture...swoon!
We had to try the apple cider donuts with hot apple cider, yummy! Tomorrow, I am back to NO sugar or white flour, I have been horrible the last month or so.
I had to take a seat on this patio! Love it! It is part of the whole Stoney Ridge thing, I promise! I didn't just go up and sit on some strangers porch! LOL! Makes me want to paint my wicker lounger black.
I liked this idea of putting pumpkins all over this bare tree.
This is the inside to one of the little structures. Inside is where you could buy a slice of apple pie, or pumpkin pie. The donuts put me over the top, no room for pie too :( but it sure looked good!
At Christmas time they have cut your own Christmas trees, and a whole winter wonderland theme, I think we may have to come back! wink! We did not go for the wagon ride to check out the rest of the farm, but it looked fun! We bought some baby pumpkins, some gourds, and some different types of squash to bake. Of course we bought apples and cider too! But the gift shop was a disappointment. I will be dragging the hunky guy from the first picture to the other farm in a couple weeks when we need more gift store items, uh um I mean cider and apples!

On the way back to Bellingham we stopped at Boxx Wood Farm and bought corn, beets, peaches, and dahlias! The dahlias are really late this year. In fact I thought maybe I had missed them this year. (remember you can double click pics to enlarge)

Hope you were out enjoying the fall day! I'll be back with the last of our day, GOLF! Ha ha!

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